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MPDA Family Support offers families a range of services and advice. We facilitate a Drop-in Group where parents and children can meet other families and join together in fun activities.

We also offer many other services, including those provided by our Activity and Wellbeing mentor. We work together to facilitate a range of programmes designed to promote health and well-being in the community.


These services include Multi-sports coaching, Fitness programmes, a Family Man project and the New Year, New Mental Me Initiative.

Our Family Support team also regularly collaborate with other local community organisations to provide vital services to families in our community.

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MPDA recognise that families need extra support at times, we are here to help.

Our services include-


  • Confidential one to one meetings

    • Our family support staff offer a confidential one to one service which provides parents with a listening ear, advice and signposting services.

  • Family Drop In Groups

    • These groups give families an opportunity to meet with our friendly support team and also engage with other local families.

  • Sign posting services

    • Our staff have a wide range of knowledge about other local family service organisations and can offer advice and guidance about the correct service to use depending on the needs of each individual family.

  • Food Bank Referral

    • MPDA are a referral partner for Antrim Food bank.


  • Safe Place Services

    • MPDA’s Family Support Hub is a recognised Safe Place for those who are experiencing domestic abuse. Our support staff have received training from Women’s Aid and can offer a safe environment and signposting services to those in need.

MPDA Family Support Services
MPDA Family Support Services
MPDA Family Support Services
MPDA Family Support Services
MPDA Family Support Services
MPDA Family Support Services
MPDA Family Support Services
MPDA Family Support Services
  • Family Man Group

    • This group offers local family men and children within their family the opportunity to take part in multi-sport activities, educational and play workshops.

  • Educational qualifications and training courses

    • MPDA work closely with other support organisations to provide recognised qualifications and training opportunities to parents.


  • Well-Being and Fitness

    • Our Multi-sport coach facilitates fun activities that help to improve overall health and well-being.


  • Sensory Group

    • This group supports children with sensory needs and their parents. Families can relax and play in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Play Matters Events

    • MPDA regularly facilitate play events and educational workshops that provide information on the importance of play.


  • Community Events

    • Throughout the year MPDA welcome families to take part in our annual seasonal events. These events include, Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Scheme, Messy Play, Giant Pumpkin Carve and Christmas Party!

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MPDA Family Support Logo 1.png

If you are interested in joining our Family Support Groups or would like more information please contact us today. 

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